Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hemsewell market

Crack of dawn on a Sunday (well 6.45) i am awoken with all of 15 Min's to get ready and get in the car.
Once in the car i have time to wake up properly.
No this isn't an midnight bunk, I'm off to hemeswell. A massive market on a Sunday on hemswell cliff old air base.
We always get up mega early as otherwise all the good stuff is gone.
The market is an ecliptic mix of car booters trades man burger vans butchers antiques. A lot of things.
Today my mission........ To get a sewing machine as mine has been in the shop for a week and i am getting the sewing itch bad lol.
I love hemeswell as if you are careful enough you can get a great bargain, my first one.  A singer sewing machine fully working order from the 60's for £10.00!, Its a beautiful machine and i love it.
Continuing we stop for a coffee as i had yet to have my morning coffee. Then back around. I almost come away with a purple chopper bike but, as Lincoln is hills and it had no gears it was a no.
We spot a lady selling cakes so we buy one and stand chatting to her for a while. Lovely woman, only recently starting selling cakes. Then the in laws come up to me holding a practically brand new brother sewing machine they had picked up for £30.00 for me!
All in all a brilliant day. I love hemeswell and i recommend it to anyone if you can handle the early start on a Sunday, 50p to park and hours to walk around, but be sure to take some cash otherwise you may walk away very disappointed .
Vikki xx

Friday, 8 April 2011

sunny sunny

Good morning bloggerinos!
Its a beautiful day here at made by Vikki, but Alas i am sad, my sewing machine is still in the shop!
So after hearing a rumor i took a walk down to my local charity shop, which has recently had a refurb to i was keen to take a proper look around.
Anyway i had been told there was a very shiny singer sewing machine, old style one for sale in said charity shop and i was eager to find it.
After heading upstairs to look for things i discovered it no longer had an upstairs which was a shame.
I went back down to see if i could have any luck at finding my treasure, and then i spotted it, by the window all shiny and may i say sexy was the singer sewing machine, but then my heart did fade as i saw the price tag £40!! in a charity shop, this place had gone mad, not only was it expensive but i had seen them cheaper on eBay with the table!!
So disheartened a i was i trudged back home.
So its fingers crossed i get the call today and my machine will not cost a fortune to fix.

Much love

Vikki xx

Sunday, 27 March 2011

competition time

Yes thats right i have hit the 200 mark!!!
To celebrate i am launching a competition.
To enter this you must comment on this post and share it on your facebook page.
Your comment on this blog post has to be why you love my work and what you would most like to win. 
I will then pick the best entry, and that person will win an item of their choice!
One entry per person please.
The competition will close at 9am next sunday.
So please share the love and good luck

Vikki xxx

Friday, 25 March 2011

Today i have made.........

Today i have had a rather productive day,
I have made a bag and oven gloves

These are pictures of the different steps of making the Oven gloves

I f you would like to order anything you have seen drop me a message at
or my facebook page!/pages/Vikkis-bits-bags-and-blankets/167837939923297
Or even my website

vikki xx

Thursday, 24 March 2011

today i have been........

Today is my day off so it has given me a chance to catch up and finish my orders.

Im very proud of myself ha ha

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Im a bit happy today
 mainly as the headache i thought would attack me today did not, and also the bag straps arrived today!
Really quitw happy about that as it means i can finally post an order out, that seems like i have had forever.
It is a sunny stroke cloudy day here but very warm in the sun.
My order book is filling and summer is on its way.
       = D

Monday, 21 March 2011


Well it has been beautifull today, summer has poked it's head around the corner, but know good old british weather it wont last for long.
 i got to enjoy the sun, in the classroom at college today,
I have been attempting to decypher shakespears much ado about nothing, personally i think the man was missing a few marbles, but then again compared to some of the dribble on tv these days arn't we all.
I f you do not follow my facebook page, it is 10% off day to try and pick up my mood from yet another failed auction, :(.
Not to worry tho, as it means i have more time to do my college work. boo!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Why i do what i do

Happy sunday!
Today i have made a cushion cover from the very hungery catepillar fabric i have.

Apart from that its a boring sunday, i have no fabric and no more cotton, so im hoping i may sell more things to make more things.
People keep asking me do you want to do this as a buisness?.
Well my answer is. Yes, but not just yet, for now its a hobby, a hobby i do get joy from. The main reason i do it as i love to sew.
I do it as if i were to make what i do i would have a house full of homemade things and no money.
I still dont really have alot of money, as i dont really make anything from my "buisness".
But its fun and i love the feeling that people like what i make and trust me to make things for them

Monday, 14 March 2011

Good internet?

Good morning.
Its beautiful here today in lincolnshire and i am happy, Bar the fact i have to go to college today. I have new labels coming soon to put on all of my things.(things i make). And i have some orders on the books!   I have spent the weekend woking with some beautiful farbric, i will post pictures and have made two beautiful bags. I am very impressed with my backpack and also handbag, Eww thin the cat has the runs as i have just heard him, um well squitting for better words. Nice!
I do hope you are not eating your breakfast while reading this i can tell you the smell is awfull. So that is next on my list of things to do, Yum!
Thankyou for reading and please tell your friends to follow me and my pretty things
Made By Vikki xxxx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Busy busy busy

Well i have been a bit of a busy bee recently, what with college, sewing, and housewifing. Thought i would quickly blog and show you all some of the goodies i have been making xxxx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

mothers day

with mothers day looming i have been wracking my brain as to what i should make, finally i have done it. what do you think? xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

All quiet

Well that's my two maths exams over and done with, i think i did well, well i hope i did anyway.
 Bit of a nightmare last night as boo woke up with an awfully high temp, so she spent the day at home watching films with daddy.

Its a bit quiet here in Vikki land, no orders and I'm waiting for my fabric to arrive, so cannot really do much, altho i have been toying around with some ideas, for mothers day and Easter, mainly cushions but when i get some felt in i will get my cath kidston on and make some egg cozies. Here is a rough idea of the cushions i was thinking of making for mothers day, what do people think?,
i personally love the idea of something plain and bold, but also using patterned fabric for the heart.
Anywho, i have to keep an eye on my facebook followers as i am giving a prize this eve so keep your eyes peeled
Vikki xxx

Monday, 28 February 2011

morning has broken

Yawn, good morning.
Nothing exciting to report today as i am back at college. I am boo free until this evening thanks to great grandma, due to her school having a teacher training day. I must say it is all rather strange. Its so quiet, all i can hear is the low hum of the laptop and the cats running about. I will not fair well through English today, or science for that matter. 
My sewing is on hold as i have two maths exams tomorrow so i have to be a geek and study hard when i finish college today "joy".
Any how off to shower and attempt to wake up

Sunday, 27 February 2011

A few of the things i have made

Just a few words

Good afternoon, im vikki and i have decided as many of us now have, to start a blog.
It may be boring, and you may like it but here goes.
I am a mum of one (or two if you count the husband to be) with two bengal boys.
I study at college to hopefully go on to uni and train to be a social support worker.
Spending my days either studying or baking, (and being a mother and doting wife to be) i decided i needed something more, a hobby. Then i came, i was gifted a sewing machine off of freecycle and my hobby/buisness was born.
Vikki's Bits Bags and Blankets!
I have a facebook page, dedicated to selling and showing off my apparent creativity.
Finding my calling in the art world i make bags, cushions and custom peices, all made with an aim to please.

Any who i have to go attend a party for me boo's Friend.
Please attempt to follow my ramblings and comment as you will

Bye bye for now