Friday, 8 April 2011

sunny sunny

Good morning bloggerinos!
Its a beautiful day here at made by Vikki, but Alas i am sad, my sewing machine is still in the shop!
So after hearing a rumor i took a walk down to my local charity shop, which has recently had a refurb to i was keen to take a proper look around.
Anyway i had been told there was a very shiny singer sewing machine, old style one for sale in said charity shop and i was eager to find it.
After heading upstairs to look for things i discovered it no longer had an upstairs which was a shame.
I went back down to see if i could have any luck at finding my treasure, and then i spotted it, by the window all shiny and may i say sexy was the singer sewing machine, but then my heart did fade as i saw the price tag £40!! in a charity shop, this place had gone mad, not only was it expensive but i had seen them cheaper on eBay with the table!!
So disheartened a i was i trudged back home.
So its fingers crossed i get the call today and my machine will not cost a fortune to fix.

Much love

Vikki xx

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