Monday, 28 February 2011

morning has broken

Yawn, good morning.
Nothing exciting to report today as i am back at college. I am boo free until this evening thanks to great grandma, due to her school having a teacher training day. I must say it is all rather strange. Its so quiet, all i can hear is the low hum of the laptop and the cats running about. I will not fair well through English today, or science for that matter. 
My sewing is on hold as i have two maths exams tomorrow so i have to be a geek and study hard when i finish college today "joy".
Any how off to shower and attempt to wake up

Sunday, 27 February 2011

A few of the things i have made

Just a few words

Good afternoon, im vikki and i have decided as many of us now have, to start a blog.
It may be boring, and you may like it but here goes.
I am a mum of one (or two if you count the husband to be) with two bengal boys.
I study at college to hopefully go on to uni and train to be a social support worker.
Spending my days either studying or baking, (and being a mother and doting wife to be) i decided i needed something more, a hobby. Then i came, i was gifted a sewing machine off of freecycle and my hobby/buisness was born.
Vikki's Bits Bags and Blankets!
I have a facebook page, dedicated to selling and showing off my apparent creativity.
Finding my calling in the art world i make bags, cushions and custom peices, all made with an aim to please.

Any who i have to go attend a party for me boo's Friend.
Please attempt to follow my ramblings and comment as you will

Bye bye for now