Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hemsewell market

Crack of dawn on a Sunday (well 6.45) i am awoken with all of 15 Min's to get ready and get in the car.
Once in the car i have time to wake up properly.
No this isn't an midnight bunk, I'm off to hemeswell. A massive market on a Sunday on hemswell cliff old air base.
We always get up mega early as otherwise all the good stuff is gone.
The market is an ecliptic mix of car booters trades man burger vans butchers antiques. A lot of things.
Today my mission........ To get a sewing machine as mine has been in the shop for a week and i am getting the sewing itch bad lol.
I love hemeswell as if you are careful enough you can get a great bargain, my first one.  A singer sewing machine fully working order from the 60's for £10.00!, Its a beautiful machine and i love it.
Continuing we stop for a coffee as i had yet to have my morning coffee. Then back around. I almost come away with a purple chopper bike but, as Lincoln is hills and it had no gears it was a no.
We spot a lady selling cakes so we buy one and stand chatting to her for a while. Lovely woman, only recently starting selling cakes. Then the in laws come up to me holding a practically brand new brother sewing machine they had picked up for £30.00 for me!
All in all a brilliant day. I love hemeswell and i recommend it to anyone if you can handle the early start on a Sunday, 50p to park and hours to walk around, but be sure to take some cash otherwise you may walk away very disappointed .
Vikki xx

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