Tuesday, 1 March 2011

All quiet

Well that's my two maths exams over and done with, i think i did well, well i hope i did anyway.
 Bit of a nightmare last night as boo woke up with an awfully high temp, so she spent the day at home watching films with daddy.

Its a bit quiet here in Vikki land, no orders and I'm waiting for my fabric to arrive, so cannot really do much, altho i have been toying around with some ideas, for mothers day and Easter, mainly cushions but when i get some felt in i will get my cath kidston on and make some egg cozies. Here is a rough idea of the cushions i was thinking of making for mothers day, what do people think?,
i personally love the idea of something plain and bold, but also using patterned fabric for the heart.
Anywho, i have to keep an eye on my facebook followers as i am giving a prize this eve so keep your eyes peeled
Vikki xxx

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