Sunday, 20 March 2011

Why i do what i do

Happy sunday!
Today i have made a cushion cover from the very hungery catepillar fabric i have.

Apart from that its a boring sunday, i have no fabric and no more cotton, so im hoping i may sell more things to make more things.
People keep asking me do you want to do this as a buisness?.
Well my answer is. Yes, but not just yet, for now its a hobby, a hobby i do get joy from. The main reason i do it as i love to sew.
I do it as if i were to make what i do i would have a house full of homemade things and no money.
I still dont really have alot of money, as i dont really make anything from my "buisness".
But its fun and i love the feeling that people like what i make and trust me to make things for them

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